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Achilles paratendonitis: an evaluation of steroid injection.
  1. D J DaCruz,
  2. M Geeson,
  3. M J Allen,
  4. I Phair
  1. Accident and Emergency Medicine, Leicester Royal Infirmary.


    A prospective, randomised, double-blind study of 28 patients presenting with Achilles paratendonitis was undertaken in order to evaluate the role of peritendonous injection of methy prednisolone acetate (Depo Medrone). At presentation patients were either administered peri-tendonous injection of 40 mgs of methyl prednisolone acetate suspended in 1 ml of 0.25% marcaine or 2 ml of 0.25% marcaine alone. Response was gauged by resolution of pain, tenderness and return to normal activity. Patients who failed to respond to initial treatment were crossed over to the other group at 12 weeks. All patients received standardised physiotherapy. Results indicate that peri-tendonous injection of methyl prednisolone acetate is of no value in Achilles paratendonitis.

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