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Injury rates during the 1988 US Olympic Team Trials for taekwondo.
  1. E D Zemper,
  2. W Pieter
  1. International Institute for Sport and Human Performance, University of Oregon, Engene 97403.


    Injury rates were recorded during the 1988 US Olympic Team Trials for taekwondo involving 48 men and 48 women. The injury rate for men (12.74/100 athlete-exposures) was about 40 per cent higher than the rate for women (9.01/100 athlete-exposures). The foot and the head were the most frequently injured body parts. Contusions were the predominant type of injury, and concussions were recorded for both men and women. A large proportion (41 per cent) of the men's injuries were the result of receiving a blow from an unblocked attack. For the women the most common injury situation (40 per cent) was while attacking with a kick. For both men and women, 15 per cent of the reported injuries were time-loss injuries. The head injuries found in this study are discussed with reference to the high impact velocities and momentum levels generated during taekwondo kicking. Recommendations are made with regard to protective equipment testing and rule changes to reduce the possibility of cerebral injury.

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