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Orofacial injuries and international rugby players' attitudes to mouthguards.
  1. P J Chapman
  1. Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, University of Queensland Dental School, Brisbane, Australia.


    This is the first such study of British rugby and the third yet published, the other two involving the 1984 Australian Wallabies and the 1987 United States Eagles. The report shows that while all 30 players believed mouthguards provided local protection, nine did not wear a mouthguard. Only one of the 21 who wore a mouthguard was willing to play without it, while eight mouthguard wearers felt mouthguards should be compulsory for adult rugby players. Twelve players had previously sustained an orofacial injury playing rugby which required treatment, only one of whom was wearing a mouthguard at the time. The full results are presented and compared with those of the previous two reports.

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