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Epidemiology of shoulder impingement in upper arm sports events.
  1. Y P Lo,
  2. Y C Hsu,
  3. K M Chan
  1. Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, Hong Kong Polytechnic, Hung Hom.


    An epidemiological survey was conducted to collect data relating to the prevalence and frequency of shoulder pain and other related problems among different athletic groups that demanded vigorous upper arm activities. A questionnaire was administered on site thus ensuring that the response rate was 100 percent. Analysis of results revealed that of the 372 respondents there were 242 male (65.1 percent) and 130 female subjects (34.9 percent), with seven (1.9 percent) above the age of 40, 119 (32 percent) between the ages of 25 and 40, and 246 (66.1 percent) below 25 years of age. A total of 163 athletes (43.8 percent) indicated that they had shoulder problems, 109 (29 percent) suffering pain. Diffuse pain was indicated by 20 respondents (5.4 percent), while localized pain during movement was reported in 89 (23.9 percent). The prevalence of shoulder pain ranked highest among volley ball players (N = 28) followed by swimmers (N = 22), while badminton, basketball and tennis participants were equally affected (N = 10).

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