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Oro-facial and dental injuries in club rugby union players.
  1. E J Kay,
  2. P Kakarla,
  3. D A Macleod,
  4. T P McGlashan
  1. Department of Public Health, University of Glasgow, Scotland.


    Oro-facial and dental injuries are of particular importance as dental tissues have a low potential for recovery when damaged and such injuries can give rise to functional, aesthetic and psychological disfigurement. Also their repair can be costly, distressing and time consuming. This study sought to clarify the nature and severity of oro-facial injuries amongst rugby players in a first division club in Scotland. A secondary aim of the study was to examine the influence of position and standard of play on injury rates. The results show that oro-facial injuries are common amongst rugby players, and that players in the first fifteen were at the greatest risk. Although injuries may still occur when mouthguards are used, their severity will be reduced by use of such protective devices.

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