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Sports injury registration: the Fysion Blesreg system.
  1. J V de Bruijn,
  2. S Keizers
  1. Dutch Handball Association, Fysion Advice Bureau Injury Prevention, Maarssen, The Netherlands.


    Fysion Blesreg is a new system on which sports assistants (trainers, masseurs, physiotherapists and physicians) can rely for quick and straightforward registration and retrieval of personalized injury data. Registration of injury data can provide a clear picture of the injury mechanism, which in turn can lead to effective preventive measures and a decline in sports injuries. The two components of the Fysion Blesreg system are registration forms and computer software. Registration forms are filled out when the competition starts (zero form), and when injuries occur (team cards and players' cards). Data are collected for the individual (zero form), the sports activity (team card), and the cause, nature and treatment of the injury (player's card). All data are entered into the computer with an MS-DOS based computer program, and can in various ways be reported or graphically reproduced.

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