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A comparative study of the metabolic effort expended by horse riders during a jumping competition.
  1. J A Gutiérrez Rincón,
  2. J Vives Turcó,
  3. I Muro Martínez,
  4. I Casas Vaqué
  1. Centre de Medicina de l'Esport de Barcelona, Spain.


    The three main Olympic horse riding disciplines are dressage, jumping, and three-day eventing (including dressage, cross country and jumping). In the jumping discipline (obstacle race), the 'team' (horse rider) is judged under the different conditions that might take place in a varied run. The horse is expected to show power and ability; the rider must show riding skill and good physical condition. However, the different conditions encountered by the rider during competition (duration of event, continuous isometric working level, especially in the inferior trunk, lead us to consider the need for a rider to develop different metabolic pathways to meet the high energy requirements of the competition.

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