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Stroboscopic computerized determination of humeral rotation in overarm throwing.
  1. F Chagneau,
  2. P Delamarche,
  3. M Levasseur
  1. Laboratoire de Mécanique appliquée, I.U.T., Rennes, France.


    Analysis of the final phase of the overarm handball throw was carried out by a microcomputerized treatment of photographic images taken simultaneously in two grid layouts. Reflective stickers on the joints of the throwing arm (shoulder, elbow, wrist) allowed the coordinates of these three points to be measured against a reference on the wall. Using a mathematical treatment and Euler matrices, the movement could be studied in space. The results confirmed that humeral rotation occurs during the overarm handball throw. Initial external rotation was immediately followed with internal rotation about 40 ms before ball release.

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