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Ultrasonographic scan in knee pain in athletes.
  1. N Maffulli,
  2. R Regine,
  3. F Carrillo,
  4. S Minelli,
  5. T Beaconsfield
  1. Department of Orthopaedics, Hospitals for Sick Children, London, UK.


    Fifty-two knees were examined using real-time high-definition ultrasonography with a 7.5 MHz probe. The extra-articular structures were easily visualized and diagnosis of patellar tendon lesions and Baker's cysts formulated. While the meniscal cartilages were shown as a homogeneous triangular structure between the femoral condyle and the tibial plateau, no lesions were detected. Deeper intra-articular structures, such as the cruciate ligaments, were not shown by the scan, thus their evaluation was not possible. Given its low cost, wide availability, non-invasiveness and patients' acceptability of the technique, ultrasonography may play an important role in the diagnosis of soft tissue lesions in and around the knee joint.

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