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Effectiveness of functional ankle taping for judo athletes: a comparison between judo bandaging and taping.
  1. T Yamamoto,
  2. A Kigawa,
  3. T Xu
  1. Department of Sports Medicine, International Budo University, Japan.


    This study was conducted to compare the effectiveness of the traditional method of ankle bandaging and the new method of ankle taping for judo athletes in Japan, and to introduce a functionally effective taping method for judo players. Four university judo athletes with ankle instability were selected to undertake radiography of the ankles before and after exercise, with bandaging at one time and taping at the other. Talar tilt (TT) angles were measured in order to compare the ankle-supporting effects. The results showed that the old ankle bandaging method had no role in eliminating the talar tilt during judo practice. In contrast, the new taping method was more effective in eliminating the talar tilt and supporting the involved ankles both mechanically and functionally.

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