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Audit of knee injuries seen in a sports medicine clinic.
  1. G J Packer,
  2. G R McLatchie,
  3. W Bowden,
  4. C M Lennox
  1. Department of General Surgery, Hartlepool General Hospital, UK.


    In order to assess the management of knee injuries in a sports medicine clinic, an audit was performed of all new patients who attended the clinic over a 12-month period. Of the 167 new patients seen, 76 (46%) had sustained knee injuries. Of these, 43 (57%) were treated in the sports medicine clinic and 33 (43%) were referred for arthroscopic assessment. The maximum waiting time from the time of referral was 3 weeks, with 85% of patients seen within 1 week and 92% within 2 weeks. Arthroscopy was performed on 28 (85%) of the 33 patients referred, and the positive correlation between the sports clinic diagnosis and the arthroscopic diagnosis was 64%. Of the 33 patients referred for arthroscopy, 28 (85%) had sustained acute knee injuries while five (15%) had been treated at other hospitals before referral to the sports medicine clinic. A National Health Service sports medicine clinic is an effective means of treating knee injuries, provided that access to arthroscopy is readily available.

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