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Track and field athletics injuries--a one-year survey.
  1. D D'Souza
  1. Public Health and Epidemiology Department, Birmingham University Medical School, UK.


    The training programmes and competitive performances of 147 track and field athletes, from many different clubs within the UK, were analysed retrospectively in order to study the incidence, severity and types of injuries which they had suffered during the year September 1989-September 1990. This information was then related to the particular event in which they specialized as well as a number of hypothetical risk factors proposed for making them more prone to injury. Of the athletes 96 (65.3%) were male and 51 (34.7%) were female, and their ages ranged from 14 to 32 years, with their levels of competition ranging from 'competitive spectators' to UK internationals. A marked correlation was noted between their age, level of competition, number of supervised training sessions which they attended, and their incidence of injuries. However, certain other factors which were studied, such as their sex, the hours they trained, and the particular event in which they specialized appeared to provide no obvious relationship.

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