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A quantifiable approach in the comparison of isokinetic assessment data--new correlation equations for the Johnson antishear device and standard shin pad in the isokinetic assessment of the knee.
  1. C K Li,
  2. K M Chan,
  3. Y S Hsu,
  4. P Chien,
  5. W N Wong
  1. Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Prince of Wales Hospital, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, NT.


    The rehabilitation of the knee with a deficient anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) always presents a great challenge. Isokinetic assessment allows muscle performance to be quantified. The antishear device, introduced by Johnson, has the distinct advantage of minimizing the anterior translation force during isokinetic exercise. In a previous report, there was a significant difference between the Johnson double pad antishear device and the standard single pad device in knee extension. The main purpose of this study was to define a correlation equation such that data generated in the use of the two different devices can be compared for assessment. Ten subjects were tested with the Cybex isokinetic dynamometer with a randomly selected sequence of test speeds. Correlation coefficient (r), regression analysis and paired t tests (P) were performed to estimate the correlation and difference between the two devices. It is concluded that a significant difference in the data generated between the two devices indicated that a single device should be selected to carry out a series of comparisons on a particular subject. However, if the two devices are used in a series of testings, a set of correlation equations has been defined to facilitate such comparison. The findings in this study will widen the application of comparison of isokinetic data in the quantitative approach of rehabilitation of the knee with a deficient anterior cruciate ligament.

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