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Skiing injuries: the increasing workload.
  1. R L Williams,
  2. D I Sweetnam,
  3. M Stanislas
  1. Department of Orthopaedics, Chase Farm Hospital, Enfield, UK.


    All skiing injuries presenting to a fracture clinic during the period December 1992 to April 1993 were studied. Fifty five patients with 59 injuries were treated during this period. Thirty (54.5%) were male and 25 (45.5%) female. The mean age was 34 years (range 9-61). The anatomical distribution of injuries seen corresponded very closely with those seen in much larger studies abroad. There were 35 upper limb injuries (59.3%), 22 lower limb injuries (37.3%), with only two spine and trunk injuries (3.4%). While only two patients underwent surgery abroad, a further 12 needed surgical intervention on return, requiring a total stay of 61 'inpatient days'. The bulk of the workload was, however, on an outpatient basis, with a total of 172 appointments. Many advances have been made towards improving the safety of skiing. However with skiing becoming increasingly popular we can expect an increasing workload and cost associated with such injuries.

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