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Complete avulsion of the hamstring tendons from the ischial tuberosity. A report of two cases sustained in judo.
  1. H Kurosawa,
  2. K Nakasita,
  3. H Nakasita,
  4. S Sasaki,
  5. S Takeda
  1. Sapporo Seikeigeka-Junkankika Hospital, Japan.


    Rupture of the hamstring tendon is a rare injury. Two cases of complete rupture of the hamstring tendons sustained while playing judo are reported. The diagnosis of a rupture of the hamstring tendons was difficult from physical examination because of severe pain on knee or hip joint movement. Magnetic resonance imaging was non-invasive and showed the lesion clearly. In one of these two cases the less satisfactory results of non-operative treatment were clearly shown in both isokinetic muscle force evaluation and sports activities.

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