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A review of the British Journal of Sports Medicine 1991-5.
  1. B Thompson


    OBJECTIVE: To review 5 years of the British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM) to assess the nature of articles published, look at which specialities and nationalities were contributing most frequently, and analyse the numbers of subjects involved in the studies. METHODS: Data were collated from all original papers, review articles, and case reports from March 1991 to December 1995. RESULTS: Authors from 35 different countries contributed a total of 282 papers in the 5 year period, with medical authors (118) predominating. They covered a wide range of subjects in all aspects of sports medicine. There were few randomised controlled studies (9). CONCLUSIONS: The BJSM has wide international input which covers all aspects of sports medicine. A greater number of large randomised controlled studies would, however, provide a firmer statistical basis for future research and injury management. There is also scope for development of the BJSM especially in the areas of education, innovations, and the practical applications of research.

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