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A preliminary assessment of professional footballers' awareness of injury prevention strategies.
  1. R D Hawkins,
  2. C W Fuller
  1. Centre for Hazard and Risk Management, Loughborough University, Leics, United Kingdom.


    Players from five English professional football clubs completed a questionnaire containing 52 items relating to injury prevention practices and advice received on these issues. Responses were received from 55 players, which represents a mean response of 11 (4) and a response rate of 38 (14)% from each club (means (SD)). The main deficiencies in awareness of injury prevention strategies for players were identified as: use of shin pads during training, carbohydrate intake before and after training and after matches, cool downs after training and matches, and flexibility work. These deficiencies indicate a need for wider education of players in current injury prevention strategies.

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