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What do adult squash players think about protective eyewear?
  1. C Finch,
  2. P Vear
  1. School of Human Movement, Deakin University, Burwood, Victoria, Australia.


    OBJECTIVE: To determine the attitudes of adult squash players towards protective eyewear. METHODS: A survey of 197 competition and social squash players from seven squash centres in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia was conducted in September to October 1995. Information about participation in squash, previous injuries, use of protective eyewear, barriers towards eyewear use, and attitudes towards protective eyewear was obtained by a self report questionnaire. RESULTS: Squash is a popular sport in Australia. Of the players surveyed, 6% played in junior competitions, 67% in senior competitions, and 27% were social players. Most had been playing for more than ten years. Some 15% of players had previously suffered an eye injury, most commonly caused by a racquet. Less than 10% of players reported that they wore protective eyewear when they played squash, and 35% of these wore prescriptive lenses which they considered to be protective. The major reason for not wearing protective eyewear was the perception that it was unnecessary. Poor vision and a lack of comfort were also stated as reasons by a significant number of players. More than half (57%) of the respondents agreed that more players should wear protective eyewear, yet only 16% thought it should be compulsory for all players. There was considerable support for protective eyewear use by junior players, however. CONCLUSIONS: The rate of protective eyewear use is low among competition and social squash players in Melbourne. The major areas that need to be addressed are the ignorance of the need for protective eyewear among social and experienced players and the mistaken belief that prescription lenses provide adequate protection on a squash court.

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