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The prevalence of chronic knee injury in triathletes.
  1. K Clements,
  2. B Yates,
  3. M Curran
  1. University College Northampton, Nene Centre for Healthcare Education, United Kingdom.


    OBJECTIVES: To add to the area of triathlon research by providing much needed prevalence data on knee injury in triathletes. METHOD: An incidental "in field" sampling technique was used to interview 58 triathletes aged between 15 and 55 years about knee injury during a triathlon event. The sample comprised 46 men and 12 women. RESULTS: Most knee injuries occurred during the running event (72%) and affected the lateral side of the knee (38%). In all, 78% of the sample sought treatment from a healthcare professional. CONCLUSION: The study has provided much needed prevalence data on chronic knee injury in triathletes.

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