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Active aging in the new millennium: fifth world congress on physical activity, aging, and sports.
  1. E Joan Bassey
  1. Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham

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    The 5th PAAS congress Active aging in the new millennium took place in Orlando, Florida on 10–14 August 1999. It was attended by a large number of delegates from all over the world and gave birth to ISAPA, the new International Society for Aging and Physical Activity.

    One session which had been planned by Dr Michael Pollock, who died earlier this year, went ahead much as he had planned it, but sadly as a memorial and tribute to him. The highlight of this event was the opening presentation from Professor Per-Olaf Astrand, who used the opportunity to take us, with gentle skill, very seriously and thoroughly back to our roots in the physiology of exercise, charming us along the way with snatches of song and cartoon drawings. A veiled reminder perhaps that in our haste to get new funding we should not neglect to read and ponder the findings of those who have gone before us.

    Plenary sessions covered topics as diverse as feminist perspectives, health benefits, interdisciplinary research, public policy issue, the needs of the oldest old, and how to translate research into programmes. These were accompanied by full days of invited symposia, oral presentations, posters, and practical sessions with up to three events running concurrently.

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