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Sports massage.
  1. Tim Atter
  1. Physiotherapy Manager, BUPA Hospital Cardiff

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    J Ylinen, M Cash. Foreword by H Jones. (Pp 166; soft cover; £13.99.) Colchester: The Book Service Ltd, 1998. ISBN 0-09-173746-X.

    This handbook is designed as a reference book for students of sports massage and complementary therapies.

    The book is divided into easy reading chapters, and terminology used is basic medical language. Sections of the book outlining basic massage techniques have good detail and are supported with clear referenced photographs. The chapter identifying injury problems is somewhat lightweight, and little reference is made to the importance of making a specific diagnosis. Timing of the healing stages and effects that massage may have at these stages is also not detailed.

    Throughout the chapters there are no references to current scientific literature to support the authors' comments. Information on the relation to specific sports and the different massage techniques found to be beneficial—for example, for before and after competitions—is also not evident. The later chapters introduce the reader to a variety of complementary medicines—for example, aromatherapy and reflexology—but no further practical techniques are outlined.

    A short bibliography of further reading is available, although this is somewhat dated.

    The quality of information provided is somewhat basic, and regrettably has nothing practical for the experienced sports medicine practitioner. The book does, however, provide a basic introduction to the art of sports massage for a student wishing to pursue this field.

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