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Climb every mountain, till you find for your dream
  1. Domhnall Macauley, Editor
  1. British Journal of Sports Medicine

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    Those last heroic steps, that final footstep to the highest point on earth, the achievement of a lifetime ambition. Everest. The pinnacle of human endeavour. We use it as a metaphor for the ultimate achievement. From childhood we know that only a few will ever dream of climbing the world's highest peak yet we all held that secret belief—that we could do it and succeed where others have failed. That dream has become a reality now for many. Still a tiny proportion of humanity but increasing numbers nevertheless. You could still do it! Oh yes, if you have enough money, you can buy a place on the package trip of a lifetime. A comfortable ride to the roof of the world. Be there, do it, super photographs, and a story to entertain dinner parties for the rest of your life. Everest, no problem.

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