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Foot orthotics in therapy and sport.
  1. N Padhiar
  1. Consultant and Research Podiatrist, The London Independent Hospital

    Statistics from

    S Hunter, M G Dolan, J M Davis. (Pp 141; soft cover; £31.00.) Leeds: Human Kinetics Europe Ltd, 1995. ISBN 0-87322-829-4.

    This book lacks vigour and colour. The front cover looked promising but unfortunately the book does not live up to this promise. It is an out of date basic book which is disappointing, considering the biography and experience of the authors.

    The pictures and illustrations are of poor quality, inadequate description, and in some instances confusing. In my opinion, the use of the skeleton to illustrate foot and leg movement is a very poor idea. If the intention was to present a three dimensional appreciation of specific joint position and movement, this exercise failed to achieve that objective.

    I also felt that the chapters were jumbled up and waffly. The book could have been better organised by a reduction in the number of chapters and more concise writing.

    This book is ideal for a clinician who is a novice and has little or no knowledge of clinical biomechanics of the lower limb. It will also benefit undergraduate students of physiotherapy and podiatry, as it is adequately referenced and provides basic concepts of biomechanics and use of foot orthoses in the management of some common musculoskeletal pathologies in sport. Not one for my book shelf!


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