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Facilitated stretching.
  1. Ian Horsley
  1. Lecturer in rehabilitation studies University of Salford

    Statistics from

    2nd ed. Robert E McAtee, Jeff Charland. (Pp 143; soft cover; £13.95.) Leeds: Human Kinetics Europe Ltd, 1999. ISBN 0-7360-0066-6.

    This is the second edition of a book previously published in 1996 which has been reorganised to make it easier to use and broaden the scope of stretches presented.

    Chapter 1 begins with the historical basis of PNF, discussing the work of Kabat and later Knott and Voss. It then goes on to explain the myotactic stretch reflex and the role of muscle spindles, together with the role of the Golgi tendon organ in the inverse stretch reflex (autogenic inhibition) and its function in Chaitow's muscle energy technique, where muscle elongation takes place during “post-isometric relaxation”.

    Chapter 2, “Stretching basics”, skims over the subject of whether it is necessary to stretch. Although it is …

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