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Symposium on football medicine
  1. Steve McNally
  1. General practitioner and Medical Officer to Liverpool FC Academy

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    This one day symposium took place at Liverpool Medical Institution on 16 March 2000. A total of 65 delegates from the whole spectrum of sports physicians, surgeons, and therapists across the United Kingdom attended, in addition to local general practitioners.

    Mr Steve Bollen debated the management of ankle ligament injuries; a sound evidence basis substantiated his conclusion that, although surgery for chronic instability and pain does afford good results, operative intervention has little place in the acute management of even a grade three injury.

    Professor David Chadwick reported on the latest Australian data from the Victorian State Injury Surveillance System, and the concept of “convulsive convulsions” was discussed. He suggested that the second impact syndrome may be a myth, as it is not reported in certain sports such as boxing where it might be expected.

    Professor Wayne Gibbons demonstrated the use of ultrasound—as scanners become cheaper they could be used for “near-patient testing”. The demonstration on MRI challenged anatomy textbooks, in particular, the existence of the conjoint tendon which may be an embalming artefact.

    Dr John Hunter's presentation on the “Effects of exercise on the gut” included joggers' diarrhoea, and it seems that it is not a general effect of exercise, but certain people such as the young and poorly trained may be more susceptible.

    Mr David Rees from the Elite Sports Assessment Centre showed the facilities and techniques used at their sports injuries laboratory in Oswestry. In particular, anterior cruciate ligament rehabilitation and assessment was discussed.

    The symposium concluded with Professor Klenerman discussing foot and ankle injuries. Early controlled mobilisation was preferred to immobilisation in plaster after Achilles tendon repair.

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