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Annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine

A large contingent from the UK travelled to the annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine. Nic Mafulli gave the annual BASEM lecture to a select group of tendon experts, and many other prominent BASEM members gave important presentations. The number of UK participants at this meeting has increased greatly and already a number of research groups are planning to contribute to next year's meeting in Baltimore.

Guidelines for advising on injury treatment and prevention

There is increasing awareness in the sporting and medical community of the need for medical input in injury treatment and prevention. The British Medical Association is currently considering the need to issue guidelines to doctors who may be acting, or interested in acting, as a medical advisor to sports clubs or at other public events in a voluntary, rather than a professional full time capacity. It is envisaged that the issues covered would include reference to the courses run by the Football Association, the National Sports Medicine Institute, and any other relevant organisations. Such issues as insurance, responsibilities of the doctor, relationship with competitors' GPs, legal and contractual arrangements, responsibility for crowd injuries, and the need for knowledge of injuries specific to the sport/event would be covered. It is likely that any guidelines issued would appear on the BMA website with links to other organisations and would be sent to interested doctors. The British Medical Association has consulted with a number of bodies about the guidelines, including the RCGP sport and exercise medicine working group, BASEM, and NSMI. Any individual who wishes to make their views known can contact any of these groups or may wish to contact Nick Harrison at the BMA on 020 7383 6225 or nharrison{at}

Stimulated by the articles on education in this issue?

The School of Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education at the University of Wales College of Medicine (UWCM) recently advertised their Diploma/MSc in Sports Medicine. The purpose of this course is to educate doctors and chartered physiotherapists who wish to develop their expertise in sports medicine. It will be organised primarily as an open distance learning programme and is PGEA approved. The cost is £1800 for national students and £3585 for international students. Further details are available from Mr Gareth Irwin, University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, Cynoed Road, Cardiff CF23 6XD; tel: 0292 041 6537; email: Girwin{at}

BASEM 2000 conference

There is already considerable interest in the BASEM 2000 conference in Tewkesbury on 3–5 November. The congress continues to develop and the combination of outstanding international speakers, the very best of research from the UK, and a vibrant social programme ensures its continued success. The current interest and controversies surrounding the management of head injury in sport will attract considerable academic and media interest when Dr Bob Cantu, one of the leading researchers from the USA, addresses this topic on the afternoon of Saturday 4 November. Our other keynote speaker, Professor Norbert Bachl from Austria, promises a fascinating lecture on the effect of living on Space Station Mir. We also look forward to hearing about European developments in sport and exercise. Further details are available from Mrs Sue Roberts, BASEM Company Office, 12 Greenside Avenue, Frodsham, Cheshire WA6 7SA. Tel: 01928 732 961; email: basemoffice{at}

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