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  1. Domhnall Macauley
  1. Editor, British Journal of Sports Medicine

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    Seduced? Who, me? No, of course not. You would never think of letting a patient manipulate you, give you special favours, or change your practice. But, isn't it fascinating to see how behaviour can change in the presence of a sporting celebrity? We often hear the argument that dealing with top level sport performers is different, and that they should not be treated as normal patients. I wonder how much of this is true and in what circumstances we should change the way we practice. Let us try a few scenarios to test your conscience.

    You always treat every patient the same. Of course you treat sporting patients as you would any one else. Maybe sometimes, you might inject a little sooner than normal, see a sporting hero sooner than an normal patient, give a little priority on a waiting list. Benign and innocent misdemeanours. Perhaps not. It depends on how you prioritise …

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