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The sliding stop: a technique of fielding in cricket with a potential for serious knee injury
  1. Konrad Von Hagen,
  2. Richard Roach,
  3. Bruce Summers
  1. Department of Trauma and Orthopaedics, The Princess Royal Hospital, Telford, Shropshire TF6 6TF, United Kingdom
  1. Correspondence to: Mr B Summers bruce.summers{at}


The sliding stop method of fielding in cricket is gaining popularity in schools and club cricket through its frequent exposure on television. The case history is reported of a cricketer who suffered a torn medial meniscus in his knee, a rare cricketing injury, while performing this technique incorrectly in a club game. The correct method of performing the technique is described in coaching manuals but is not commonly instructed at club or school level. The sliding stop should be discouraged in school and for club cricketers unless appropriately coached.

  • cricket
  • fielding
  • sliding stop
  • knee
  • medial meniscus

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