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Nancy Clark's sports nutrition guidebook.
  1. Helen M Isaacs
  1. Accredited Sports Dietitian and Consultant in Sports Nutrition, 14 Rossett Park Road, Harrogate HG2 9NP, United Kingdom

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    2nd ed. N Clark. (Pp 455; £12.92.) Leeds: Human Kinetics Europe Ltd, 1997. ISBN 0-87322-730-1

    Athletes who want up to date advice on sports nutrition are the targeted readers for this book. It would also be a useful addition to the bookshelf of a sports coach or scientist.

    The second edition enhances the chapters on weight control and eating disorders and covers the full spectrum of sports nutrition, with advice for training, competing, and recovery, as well as healthy eating for life.

    The author is one of the best known writers on sports nutrition in the United States, a registered dietitian and athlete. She deals with the subject in a “user friendly” American style with lots of practical advice, as well as the theory behind why certain practices should/should not be carried out.

    About one third of the book is devoted to recipes, with a useful nutritional analysis. They are generally quick and easy to prepare, with ingredients that for the most part are available in the United Kingdom, although the terminology occasionally differs. As with all American cookbooks, the ingredients are measured in cups, which I find “off-putting”.

    There is a good bibliography and reference section for those who want to delve deeper into specific subjects.

    This is an excellent book if you are American, and I found much of the practical advice useful. For the British reader, there are perhaps too many references to American food products and RDAs referring to nutrients per pound body weight or to 8 oz of fluid, whereas we are now thinking in terms of kg and 100 ml respectively.


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