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ABC of sports medicine.
  1. Faith Gardner
  1. Sports and Orthopaedic Physician 73a London Road, Kilmarnock Ayrshire KA3 7BP, Scotland

    Statistics from

    2nd ed. Eds M Harries, G McLatchie, C Williams, J King. (Pp 129; £18.95.) BMA House, Tavistock Square, London WC1H 9JR: BMJ Books, 2000. ISBN 0-7279- 1366-2.

    Here we are, at the second edition already, only five years after the first appearance of the first edition! Has sports medicine changed that much? With this in mind, I compared the editions and found some interesting similarities and differences. The four editors and seven of the chapters are the same. Eleven chapters have new authors, and seven chapters are new. Some chapter titles have been dropped from the second edition, although some of these are covered elsewhere. There is no preface to the second edition which is odd, but the already good layout is improved by the use of a bold type face for paragraph headings. I found no typographical errors but the antipodean x ray photograph on page 21 was challenging.

    The chapter contents are largely the same between editions and authors, and the core knowledge base is essentially unchanged. The evidence base is a mixture of clinical experience, empiricism, and scientific trials, which come from a group of authors of national and international standing. There are some useful additions to some chapters, for example the inclusion of valvular disease in the chapter on sudden death. The chapter on the immediate treatment of severe injury is improved with the use of ATLS guidelines. I thought that the chapter on benefits of exercise could have been expanded, and I particularly found no comment on the effects of exercise on pregnancy and vice versa. In chapter 1, I think it would have been useful to mention the need to know the occupation of a sportsperson unless they are lucky enough to participate in sport full time. The new chapters included and the old chapters dropped are all worth while; perhaps there were constraints on book length?

    On balance, I think that this is a excellent investment for the aspiring sports physician and a useful aide memoire to the established. I do not think that sports medicine has changed a lot in five years, but the second edition successfully builds on the breadth of the first.


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