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Sport and Exercise Working Group of the Royal College of General Practitioners

The Sport and Exercise Medicine Working Group of the Royal College of General Practitioners have elected a new chairman, Dr Paul Jackson, medical officer for English Rugby, who has a particular interest in medical education. This group has been very active in recent years and have organised a number of meetings, including the successful joint meeting with the BMA on the benefits and hazards of exercise. Sport and exercise medicine will also feature on the main programme of the 2001 spring meeting of the Royal College of General Practitioners.

Olympic success for Great Britain

Many members of BASEM were involved in the preparation of the Great British team for the 2000 Olympics. This was the most successful games in recent memory, with British athletes winning medals in many sports and many other remarkable performances outside the medals. The success of this team was greatly assisted by medical and scientific support. Lottery funding aided athletes in training but was also important in financing medical and scientific support. The UK Sports Institute will play an important part in the continuing success of British sport and the development of sport and exercise medicine.

A journey through sports medicine, ethics, and the law

The Institute of Sports Medicine held a very successful meeting in association with the Section of Sports Medicine of the Royal Society of Medicine in November. It was entitled “A journey through Sports Medicine, Ethics and the Law” and it addressed some very difficult topics. Sport and medicine have a complex relationship and, while medicine can help athletes recover from injury and return to top level, medicine also has the potential to aid performance through illegal and unethical means. The participation of high profile members of the legal profession and media in this meeting reflects the major changes in sport and has implication for all those involved with high level sport.

Sports medicine and the Royal Society of Medicine

Dr John Lloyd Parry is President of the Section of Sports Medicine, of the Royal Society of Medicine, which was founded in 1994 with Sir Roger Bannister as its first President. Dr Parry has put together a very exciting programme for 2001 which, in addition to the academic programme, includes away days to Burghley Horse Trials, Wimbledon All England Tennis and Croquet Club, and a golf tournament at The Belfry. Further details are available from the RSM (tel: 020 7290 2987; email: Sports{at}

2003 conference on sports medicine

The 2003 conference on sports medicine will be a joint venture between BASEM and BASES. It will take place in Sheffield and will be hosted by the Sports Science Research Institute. The theme of the conference is reflected in the title “The total athlete”, a particularly apt title reflecting the partnership organisation and the content. The conference officers include Professor Roger Bartlett, who is chairman of the committee including Dr Simon Till as Treasurer, Professor Ian Maynard, BASES coordinator, and Dr Bryan English, BASEM coordinator.

Current concepts

The “Current Concepts” series, designed to provide an advanced update in key areas of sports and exercise medicine, has its next meeting on 8 December at Churchill College, Cambridge. These meetings offer continuing medical education for sports medicine and musculoskeletal medicine specialists and are particularly suitable for those at post diploma level and those who have completed an MSc.

Appointment of new editor

Dr Paul McCrory has been appointed editor of the British Journal of Sports Medicine. He is a neurologist in Melbourne, Australia, and has a long and distinguished career in sport and exercise medicine research and publishing. We wish him every success in his new role.

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