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Tendinitis: its etiology and treatment.
  1. B Thompson
  1. Sports and Orthopaedic Medicine Clinic, Craigavon Area Hospital, N. Ireland

    Statistics from

    William D Stanish, Sandra Curwin and Scott Mandell. (Pp 140; £34.95) Oxford University Press, 2000. ISBN 0 19 263582 2.

    I must say that I liked this book. In a most logical and readable fashion it set about what can be a rather dour, but yet most clinically important topic. Opening chapters on the normal tendon and the etiology of tendinitis were followed by more clinically and exercise related areas. Initial graphs and diagrams were simple and clear but some of the later clinical illustrations could have been improved by the use of photographs or colour.

    The renowned authors combine well to use their obvious clinical experience to give a balanced viewpoint of both conservative and surgical treatments, with the emphasis being on rehabilitation. All treatment options are assessed and the evidence for their choice is given. Throughout, any statements are backed up by suitable references and with suggestions for further reading.

    The clinical chapters cover common presentations—Achilles, jumper's knee, humeral epicondylitis—and take the reader logically through pathology, etiology, diagnosis, and treatment. The book finishes with an outline of the eccentric exercise programme used in the authors' Nova Scotia Sports Medicine Clinic and analyses its application.

    At 140 pages, this book is concise and therefore easily readable. Although the title does not mention exercise or sport, throughout the book there are many references to the athlete. All in all, this is an excellent book which will be of benefit to any sports or musculoskeletal practitioner.


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