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  1. R W Kendrick
  1. Ulster Community and Hospitals Trust,The Ulster Hospital, Dundonald,Belfast BT16 1RH

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    This work allows quantitative forces to be measured in the assessment of mouth protectors. The fact that two peaks are found in the spring mounted standard jaw shows the importance of stability of a mouth protector when apparently only one blow is landed. Clearly the head moves back, and then, as the face and jaw come to rest, a further rise in the forces applied occurs. The other important point here is that, if the head of the wearer of the mouth protector is trapped, as can happen in certain sports and situations, the ability to move the head or “ride the punch” is lost. The authorities controlling such sports should ensure that these situations are firmly controlled and anything other than accidental contact firmly penalised.

    This continuing research into mouth protectors is valuable and should allow further development of standards of custom made mouth protectors to produce maximum protection from what has proved to be a useful adjunct to sporting protection and prevention of injuries.

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