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  1. L Svanstrom
  1. Karolinska Institutet, Department of Public Health Sciences, Division of Social Medicine, Norrbacka, 8th floor, SE-17176 Stockholm, Sweden leif.svanstrom{at}

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    Injury is a problem of our time and a reflection of environmental and product factors in current society. Injury causation is related to popular opinion, with a bias towards prejudices between people with different value systems such as different age groups. “Society should prohibit the use of this or that”. One of the few standpoints that should be taken by public health officials is the seriousness of the outcome. This is why clinical epidemiological studies are of great importance. They may not be sophisticated in methodology, but they have great potential for informing the public. This study on skateboard injuries is such an example from an informed source. Clinicians meet the patients and can interview those involved. These factual studies are needed for making comparisons of injury patterns in different exposure groups as well as investigating the environment and dangerous products. The next step should be more detailed interviews in order to suggest better skateboard designs and protection for the skateboarders.

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