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The British Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine has launched its new website— The site provides information on the educational opportunities in sport and exercise medicine, and advice to those wishing to be involved in this area. BASEM members can also access the latest information of BASEM events.

The UK Sports Institute (UKSI) is currently developing a password restricted website——for the elite professional sporting community including athletes, coaches, and those in sport science and medicine. The site will be commissioning experts to write articles on a variety of topics. Each article will be aimed at the entire audience, promoting the integrated philosophy of the UKSI.

Bayesian statistics and evidence based medicine

Evidence based medicine is the buzzword of the day. But in fact, the standard statistics that are used in almost all studies do not answer the questions that are of interest to the clinician, even though they are misinterpreted as if they do. A new website is now available that compares the inferences that can be drawn from standard statistics with those that can be drawn from the Bayesian statistical approach. The authors welcome all questions and comments. This site is designed for both clinicians and epidemiologists.