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Limits to the measurement of habitual physical activity by questionnaires
  1. R J Shephard
  1. Correspondence to: 
 Professor Shephard, PO Box 521, Brackendale, BC V0N 1H0, Canada; 


Despite extensive use over 40 years, physical activity questionnaires still show limited reliability and validity. Measurements have value in indicating conditions where an increase in physical activity would be beneficial and in monitoring changes in population activity. However, attempts at detailed interpretation in terms of exercise dosage and the extent of resulting health benefits seem premature. Such usage may become possible through the development of standardised instruments that will record the low intensity activities typical of sedentary societies, and will ascribe consistent biological meaning to terms such as light, moderate, and heavy exercise.

  • activity
  • exercise
  • questionnaire
  • reliability
  • validation

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