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Relation between the occurrence of bony union and outcome for fractures of the lateral process of the talus: a case report and analysis of published reports
  1. S J Parsons
  1. 103 Morris St, Canmore, Alberta, Canada T1W 2W5; ktsp{at}


    Fractures of the lateral process of the talus are uncommon, but the incidence has probably risen because of the increased popularity of snowboarding, an increased awareness of doctors, and the ready availability of computed tomography scanning. One case report and a review of the literature are provided. Aggressive management rarely resulted in non-union (7%) and was always associated with a good outcome (100%), even if the fracture fragments were excised initially. The relations between method of treatment, bony union, and outcome were significant (Fisher’s exact test, p<0.01).

    • lateral process
    • talus
    • fracture
    • conservative
    • operative
    • ORIF, operative reduction and internal fixation
    • CR, closed reduction with cast immobilisation
    • CT, computed tomography

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