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Relation between isokinetic muscle strength and functional capacity in recreational athletes with chondromalacia patellae
  1. Y Yildiz1,
  2. T Aydin1,
  3. U Sekir1,
  4. C Cetin1,
  5. F Ors2,
  6. T Alp Kalyon1
  1. 1Gulhane Askeri Tip Akademisi, Department of Sports Medicine, Etlik, Ankara 06018, Turkey
  2. 2Gulhane Askeri Tip Akademisi, Department of Radiodiagnostic Radiology, Etlik, Ankara
  1. Correspondence to:
 Dr Yildiz
 Gulhane Askeri Tip Akademisi, Department of Sports Medicine, Etlik, Ankara 06018, Turkey;


Objectives: To investigate the effects of isokinetic exercise on pain and functional test scores of recreational athletes with chondromalacia patellae (CMP) and to examine the correlation between isokinetic parameters and functional tests or pain score.

Methods: The functional ability of 30 recreational athletes with unilateral CMP was evaluated using six different tests. Pain scores were assessed during daily activities before and after the treatment protocol. Isokinetic exercise sessions were carried out at angular velocities of 60°/s (25–90° range of flexion) and 180°/s (full range). These sessions were repeated three times a week for six weeks.

Results: Quadriceps and hamstring peak torque, total work, and endurance ratios had improved significantly after the treatment, as did the functional parameters and pain scores. There was a poor correlation between the extensor endurance ratio and one leg standing test. A moderate correlation between the visual analogue scale and the extensor endurance ratio or flexion endurance ratio was also found.

Conclusions: The isokinetic exercise programme used in this study had a positive effect on muscle strength, pain score, and functional ability of knees with CMP. The improvement in the functional capacity did not correlate with the isokinetic parameters.

  • CMP, chondromalacia patellae
  • VAS, visual analogue scale
  • VMO, vastus medialis obliquus
  • knee
  • chondromalacia patellae
  • isokinetic exercise
  • muscle
  • rehabilitation

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