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Comprehensive isokinetic knee measurements and quadriceps tendon evaluations in footballers for assessing functional performance


Objectives: To ascertain whether detailed isokinetic knee muscle testing reflects the results of other functional measurements in footballers and to look for any correlations between quadriceps tendon thickness and knee strength.

Methods: Ultrasonographic evaluation of the quadriceps tendon (Hitachi EUB-405), isokinetic knee testing (Biodex System 3), and sprint measurements using telemetric photoelectric cells (Chronometre Prosport ESC TX02) were carried out on 29 elite footballers. Jumping capacity was evaluated using Bosco’s jumping mat (Ergojump). Anaerobic fitness was assessed by auricular capillary blood lactate measurements (YSI Model 1500 Sport Lactate Analyzer).

Results: Quadriceps tendon thickness correlated positively with jumping and sprint measurements and negatively with extensor and flexor strength. However, these correlations did not reach statistical significance. There were significant correlations between knee extensor strength at 60 °/s and jumping or sprint measurements and between the extension acceleration values of both knees during isokinetic tests at 240 °/s and the sprint measurements. No significant correlation was found between the fatigue ratio values of both knees at 240 °/s and the calculated fatigue ratios from the sprint measurements.

Conclusions: Apart from a few variables which correlated with the performance tests, the isokinetic studies did not fully predict the various functional measurements. Neither was there any relation between the quadriceps tendon measurements and the knee strength values nor with the functional performance.

  • football
  • isokinetic tests
  • ultrasound
  • quadriceps tendon
  • functional performance
  • QT, quadriceps tendon

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