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Metabolic risks of completing Giro, Tour, and Vuelta in the same season
  1. G Lippi,
  2. G Guidi
  1. Ist Chimica Microscopia Clinica, Dipartimento di Scienze Morfologico-Biomediche, Università di Verona, Laboratorio Analisi, Ospetale Policlinico Bg Roma, Piazzale Scuro, 10, Verona 31734, Italy;

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    In a recent issue, Lucia et al suggested that an experienced professional cyclist can safely complete the three major cycling stage races (Giro d’Italia, Tour de France, and Vuelta a España) within the same season, over a five month period.1 The authors reached this conclusion mainly on the basis of heart rate telemetry, showing that the total amount …

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