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A punch drunk jockey

P McCrory, M Turner, J Murray

The case is reported of a retired professional jockey with progressive memory loss. The concern is that he may be suffering from chronic traumatic encephalopathy or the “punch drunk syndrome”.

(Br J Sports Med 2004;38:e3)

Recurrent macroscopic haematuria due to bladder blood vessels after exercise induced haematuria

P Lüthje, I Nurmi

The case is reported of exercise induced asymptomatic macroscopic haematuria, which became recurrent haematuria no longer induced by exercise. The cause, diagnosis, and management are discussed. An overview of the potential causes of sport related haematuria is presented.

(Br J Sports Med 2004;38:e4)

Isolated first rib fracture in athletes

T Sakellaridis, A Stamatelopoulos, E Andrianopoulos, P Kormas

Isolated fracture of the first rib is an uncommon and unusual entity not been previously reported in a kick boxer. It may be the result of trauma, violent muscular avulsion, or fatigue. There has been debate over the cause of isolated first rib fractures sustained without direct violent trauma. Many are located in an area of anatomical weakness (shallow depression for the subclavian artery). Powerful contraction of the scalenus anterior muscle (which inserts on the scalene tubercle adjacent to the subclavian artery), caused by coughing, sneezing, playing tennis, or baseball pitching, may result in acute fracture, with repeated insults resulting in stress fracture. We present a case of a first rib stress fracture in a kick boxer and review the pertinent literature.

(Br J Sports Med 2004;38:e5)

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