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The female athlete
  1. C Doyle
  1. Senior Physiotherapist, Hôpital La Musse, 27180 Saint Sébastien de Morsent, Normandie, France;

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    Mary Lloyd Ireland and Aurelia Nattiv. London: Harcourt Publishers Limited, 2002, £48.00, pp 803, hardcover. ISBN 0721680291

    This book is a very informative source, both from a practical point of view with its sports medicine content, and also from an educational angle with information on the psychosocial aspects of the female athlete, which are very relevant and are not often included in general sports medicine texts.

    The book presents sex differences in injury occurrence and gives effective advice on prevention and injury management. It is targeted mainly at sports medicine professionals, but also significant sections are relevant to coaches, trainers, administrators, and, in some part, the athletes themselves and their families.

    The organisation is logical, with the content divided into sections including firstly historical, psychosocial, and performance issues followed by chapters on female specific and general medical conditions, and finally sections dealing with orthopaedic, rehabilitation, and …

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