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Strength and power in sport, 2nd edn
  1. J Keogh
  1. Sports Performance Research Centre, Division of Sport and Recreation, Auckland University of Technology, Private Bag 92006, Auckland 1020, New Zealand;

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    Edited by P V Komi. London: Blackwell Publishing, 2003, £75.00, pp 523, hardcover. ISBN 0632059117

    Enhancing strength and power is now acknowledged as an integral part of the training process for many sports, as well as being beneficial for members of the general public. However, a number of myths and misconceptions about strength and power training still exist. By encapsulating our current knowledge in this area, Strength and power in sports may help to dispel some of these myths and lead to better practice in the field. The range of topics covered in this book is vast, spanning most of the issues that influence the development of strength and power. These issues are examined in detail within the five sections of the book, which are: definitions; the biological basis for strength and power; mechanisms for adaptation in strength and power training; special problems in strength and power training; strength …

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