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Exercise and sports cardiology
  1. D Robinson
  1. NSOSMC, Ground Floor, 272 Pacific Highway, Crows Nest, NSW 2065, Australia;

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    P D Thompson. McGraw Hill, 2001, AUD$167.95, pp 504, hardcover. ISBN 0071347739

    On numerous occasions athletes are charged with “having no heart” or alternatively “having a huge heart”. According to this text they all have one, but they do vary in size considerably.

    This is not “Sports cardiology for dummies”. Pitched more at the cardiologist with an interest in sport, than the sports physician with an interest in cardiology, this text overflows with information. It assumes a basic knowledge of cardiology, for example arrhythmias, ECG interpretation, and the basics of echocardiography. If you are a little rusty, keep the basic text nearby.

    Many parts are highly technical and delve deeply into cardiac and exercise physiology. For the scientist this is fantastic, the sports medicine clinicians may wish to skip it.

    However, the clinical sections are excellent. The relevant topics are dealt with clearly, thoroughly, and with more than adequate depth. It describes diagnostic criteria for relevant syndromes (Marfans, HCM) affecting the heart simply and includes up to date genetic research in these areas. All appropriate sports medicine and cardiology issues are explored, with excellent sections on children, screening, and the effects of exercise on medical conditions such as diabetes and lipid disorders. Interestingly, treatment of all areas mentioned is discussed only fleetingly.

    The book can be complex but the statements are reasoned, and the authors clinical perspective is interesting and thought provoking. Despite this complexity in some parts, Exercise and sport cardiology will be an excellent reference text for those studying and practising clinical sports medicine and is something that has been missing from the library until this point.


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