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Football blades: a cause for concern
  1. M J Hall,
  2. P Riou
  1. Correspondence to:
 Derriford Hospital
 Plymouth PL6 8DH, Devon, UK; matthall50{at}

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Sporting injuries have always contributed a significant proportion of the workload of the emergency department.1 The number is increasing considerably2 for several reasons. A burgeoning range of sporting activities combined with increased disposable income and leisure time has led to greater participation.2 Consequently research and development aimed at enhancing performance has escalated.

One such development is the use of “blades” instead of the more traditional studs on football boots. Unlike the traditional round peg-like studs, the new blades measure up to 3 cm long and are shaped to contour the foot (fig 1), providing enhanced stability to the standing foot when kicking. Since they were first endorsed by high profile figures such as …

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