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Muscle activity during the golf swing
  1. A McHardy,
  2. H Pollard1
  1. 1Macquarie Injury Management Group, Macquarie University, Sydney, NSW, Australia
  1. Correspondence to:
    Macquarie Injury Management Group, Macquarie University, Sydney 2109, NSW, Australia;


In the right hands, the golf swing is a motion that inspires looks of awe from the public. It is a complex movement of the whole body to generate power to a golf ball to propel the ball great distances with accuracy. This movement relies on the coordinated sequence of muscle activation to produce a fluid and reproducible movement. This paper reviews the literature on golf swing related muscle activity. The phases of this activity are discussed with a view to assisting the practitioner in understanding the swing. Such understanding may help in the management of the injured golfer.

  • EMG, electromyographic
  • MMT, manual muscle strength testing
  • golf
  • swing
  • electromyographic
  • muscle activity
  • review

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