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Propagation of stress fracture of the patella

M A A Crowther, A Mandal, P P Sarangi

Anterior knee pain in athletes is common and usually self limited. There should be a high index of suspicion and low threshold for special imaging in cases with acute onset and specific tenderness. The risk of propagation of stress fracture of the patella in athletes is highlighted. The case report presented illustrates the potential sequence of events.

(Br J Sports Med 2005;39:e6)

Kleine-levin syndrome: a unique cause of fatigue in an athlete

C M J Conklin, J E Taunton

Kleine-Levin syndrome (KLS) is a rare disorder characterised, most notably, by periodic episodes of hypersomnolence and hyperphagia. Associated features of the disorder include a lack of concentration, mood changes, and anxiety. Laboratory tests may show slight changes in the electroencephalogram. However, clinical presentation and laboratory tests are normal during asymptomatic intervals. KLS most often presents in adolescent males, with complete recovery by the 3rd to 4th decade of life. Possible precipitating factors include excessive workload, febrile illness, and respiratory infections. Presented is a classical case of KLS in an adolescent male athlete. The patient’s history, complete laboratory results, and symptoms are discussed. Possible treatments for this disorder are also mentioned, along with diagnostic criteria.

(Br J Sports Med 2005;39:e7)

False aneurysm of the common femoral vein in a footballer

M Karahan, S Isbir, F Baltacýoglu, et al

Traumatic false aneurysm of the femoral vein has never been reported in the English literature. The case is here reported of a footballer with a traumatic false aneurysm of the common femoral vein which was initially misdiagnosed as an arterial pseudoaneurysm. This is a very rare clinical condition, but this diagnosis should be among those considered for posttraumatic unexplained thigh pain after trauma.

(Br J Sports Med 2005;39:e8)

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