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Physical therapies in sport and exercise
  1. D B Kenneally

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    Edited by G S Kolt, L Snyder-Mackler. Published by Churchill Livingstone, 2003, £60.00, hardcover, pp 623. ISBN 0443071543

    Physical therapies in sports and exercise, as the name suggests, is sports medicine from a physical therapy perspective. As with all of these types of book, it tries to cover everything, draws on clinicians and researchers from around the globe, and succeeds well in giving a general guide. It is a mix of strong and concise anatomical review, general concepts within sports and exercise, regional injury management, other active groups, and a section on medical issues.

    The editors make the point early on that there is a dearth of evidence for the techniques and approaches we use in physical therapies within sport. The stated aim is to “provide a logical approach to the management of sport …

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