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Performance enhancing substances in sport and exercise
  1. C Jarvis

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    Edited by Michael S Bahrke, Charles E Yesalis. Published by Human Kinetics, 2002, £43.00 (hardcover), pp 384. ISBN 0736036792

    This is a worthwhile addition to the library of all who work in sport and exercise medicine whether as physician, physiotherapist, or sports scientist. It extends to over 350 pages, is straightforward to read, well arranged, and with a useful index.

    The initial chapter on the history of performance enhancing substances (PES) contains considerable information on early attempts at performance enhancement within sport, with much that was new to the reviewer. It even manages a brief reference to the current Governor of California under the subject of body building and anabolic agents!

    The first 300 pages consider ergogenic agents in specific groups—identifying the mode of action, likely performance gains, relevant clinical studies, potential problems resulting from use, and ending with a brief overall conclusion. The statements made are …

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