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C A Vella, R A Robergs. A review of the stroke volume response to upright exercise in healthy subjects (Br J Sports Med 2005;39:190–5).

A mistake in the second sentence of the first paragraph of "Historical Perspective" has been noted:

"The theory of a stroke volume plateau developed from early research based on a few subjects during two or three exercise intensities..." should read "two to five exercise intensities".

In addition, there is a misprint in table 1. Under Ferguson et al the values in the Vo2max column and the SVmax (ml/beat) are incorrect and should be:

7 MT women (18–30): Vo2max 42.1 ml/kg/min, SVmax (ml/beat) 90

9 ET women (18–30): Vo2max 64.3 ml/kg/min, SVmax (ml/beat) 121

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